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Lexia® is a digital learning program to support development of our learners’ literacy skills, enabling them to read, write, spell and speak with confidence.

The program is delivered through a personalised approach and provides our learners with more control over the path and pace of their progress, helping them to make that critical shift from learning to read to reading to learn.

Lexia® combines effective, teacher-led instruction with interactive, user-centric experiences to support the abilities of a wide variety of students. Teachers are able to prioritise and differentiate instruction, allowing students to develop critical reading skills at their own pace.


Primary Students


As primary students move through the levels of the program, they are engaged and motivated by activities that take students on a journey around the world. Each level of the program represents a different area of the world and introduces new characters that are representative of each region. Within each level, students have the opportunity to decide which skills and activities they want to work on. This allows the students to be self-directed in their learning as they move through the program and their journey around the world.



Secondary Students

For secondary students a more age-appropriate interface allows students to progress independently to higher levels with more complex content based on skill mastery. Since students’ learning within the program is self-directed, they can choose which activities to complete as they work through the rigorous scope and sequence. Motivation for adolescents who may have difficulties with reading is critical, and research suggests that students are more motivated when they are able to monitor their own progress. To support motivation, students are able to view their progress on a personalized dashboard.


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