The Forum Centre

Striving to ensure every pupil grows in confidence; is ready to achieve success and contributes positively to society

Vision Statement

‘Striving to ensure every pupil grows in confidence; is ready to achieve success and contributes positively to society’

The Forum Centre believes that success can only come through a close partnership between a dedicated staff, increasingly confident pupils, supportive parents and a committed management committee.

We are proud of the high levels of individual achievement, effort and behaviour from all of our pupils.

We offer outstanding welfare and guidance through our strong pastoral system. This system provides inspiration, opportunity and a secure, healthy environment, within which pupils thrive.  Our pupils feel a strong sense of identity and belonging, secure in the knowledge that they are well understood and supported.

We look forward to working with you, as a parent or carer to enable your child to achieve their full potential.

At The Forum Centre we aim to ensure that every pupil is provided with the opportunity to achieve their very best. We seek to fulfil each individual’s potential and to prepare our students to meet their role as responsible, confident members of society in an ever-changing world.

In order to achieve this, we provide a personalised education tailored to meet the specific needs of each pupil. We aim to provide the very best education and support for all our pupils. We provide a safe and secure environment to enable pupils to be happy and engaged in their learning, with the aim that each pupil feels they can succeed. We maintain a strong focus on teaching our pupils independence in order to promote confident learning.

We encourage our pupils to celebrate their successes and develop a love of learning, creativity, independence, self-discipline and respect for themselves, others, their close environment and the wider world. We promote learning to work and play well with others, to share, to observe rules made for the common good and to make their own positive choices.

We recognise and acknowledge our pupils talents, supporting, working alongside and encouraging them to recognise their own strengths. We encourage resilience in our pupils so that they are able to tackle any task.

We work in close partnership with parents and encourage open lines of communication with them, aiming to build positive relationships. We pride ourselves in being ready to listen and provide support when needed. Alongside this, we work closely with other agencies supporting our students and their families, in order to facilitate a successful return to mainstream education or a designated, appropriate provision, if appropriate.

Our vision is to engage each pupil with learning and we make every effort to make this a reality for each pupil that attends our centre. We want our pupils to be excited by the curriculum; to progress in their learning; overcome their barriers to learning and progress to become responsible members of each community they belong to. We do our best to ensure that pupils make good progress during their time here, achieving the highest standards they can. In this way, they hold in their sights a successful future.

The Forum Centre staff

November 2018