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Striving to ensure every pupil grows in confidence; is ready to achieve success and contributes positively to society


At The Forum Centre  Maths is for everyone!

It is diverse, engaging and essential in equipping students with the right skills to reach their future destination, whatever that may be. We offer qualifications and support to enable students to engage with, explore, enjoy and succeed in maths

We offer several different qualifications,  to suit the needs of individual pupils:

AQA GCSE Maths  covering the following areas:

1 Number, 2 Algebra, 3 Ratio, proportion and rates of change, 4 Geometry and measures, 5 Probability & 6 Statistics.

It encourages students to develop problem-solving skills and become effective and independent learners. With the focus on applying maths in context, problem-solving, reasoning and the functional elements of maths, students learn to function mathematically in the world.

Students in Year 11 in September 2015 are following the existing Linear 4365 course & will sit 2 papers in June 2016;  Paper 1 (Non-Calculator)and Paper 2 (Calculator).    Foundation Tier grades are G – C and Higher Tier grades are D – A*.

Students in Year 10 or below in September 2015 follow the new GCSE 8300 course which offers Foundation Tier (grades 1 – 5) and Higher Tier (grades 4 – 9).  Students will be assessed by 3 exam papers (each 1hr 30 mins) in June of their Year 11.  They are equally weighted, each counting for 1/3 of the total marks, and content from any part of the curriculum may be assessed.  Paper 1 is Non- Calculator & Papers 2 & 3 are both Calculator papers.

GCSE Mathematics could lead on to further study in Maths, Further Maths, Pure Maths or Statistics at A-level, or other related subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics, Psychology, Environmental Studies or Applied Science.

AQA Entry Level Certificate (Level 1, 2 and 3)

This is a pre-GCSE qualification assessed by a portfolio of work and 4 short externally-set tests.

AQA Unit Awards

These are short topics of work in which students can gain Certificates

AQA Functional Skills

Level 1 is equivalent to a GCSE grade G – D and Level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE grade at C or above.

These exams are available in November, January, March or May.

Younger students will follow a course, based on the National Curriculum, designed to improve their Maths skills according to their need.

Independent Study

Students should be developing their independent study skills and are encouraged to use the website to consolidate their learning and catch up, if absent.  Homework is set regularly on this site.

Other good websites are;

CGP workbooks are also available for students to do work at home.