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Edexcel GCSE Citizenship is offered to all Year 10 & 11 students.

Citizenship Studies is about how people take an active part in democratic politics and work together for a better society locally, nationally and globally.

Students will learn about power, democracy, and the operation of government the legal system and the role of the UK in the wider world.  They will explore and learn about different controversial and topical issues with political, social, ethical, economic and environmental dimensions in local to global contexts.  They will explore taking citizenship action and learn from trying to make difference themselves.


Citizenship Studies consists of two externally examined papers:

Paper 1 – 1 hour 45 minutes

50% of qualification

80 marks

Paper 2 – 1 hour 45 minutes

50% of qualification

80 marks

Section A – questions focused on Theme A: Living together in the UK.

Section B – questions focused on Theme B: Democracy at work in the UK

Section C – questions focused on Theme C: Law and Justice

Section D – extended-response questions related to two or more of specification Theme A-C.

Section A – questions relate to students’ own citizenship action Theme E: Taking citizenship action.

Section B – questions require students to comment on others’ action and relate to specification Theme D: Power and Influence.

Section C – questions are focused on specification Theme D: Power and Influence.  One question will also link to content in one of the themes A-C.