The Forum Centre

Striving to ensure every pupil grows in confidence; is ready to achieve success and contributes positively to society

Welcome to The Forum Centre website

I'd like to extend a warm welcome back to all our staff and students.

It has been such a strange time over the last few months, but I would  like to reassure all our parents, carers and students that  we have all the necessary measures in place  to keep staff and students as safe as possible at The Forum Centre. We have also developed an engaging recovery curriculum to support all students in their return to learning in Centre, which has everyone's wellbeing as a priority. 

The Forum Centre continues to believe that success can only come through a close partnership between a dedicated staff, confident students, supportive parents and a committed management committee. We are proud of the high levels of achievement, effort and behaviour from all of our students, especially through these times. We continue to offer outstanding welfare and guidance through our strong pastoral system. This system provides inspiration, opportunity and a secure, healthy environment, within which pupils thrive.  Our students feel a strong sense of identity and belonging, secure in the knowledge that they are well understood and supported. We always strive to help every student to grow in confidence, to be successful and to contribute effectively and responsibly to society.

We look forward to working with you over the next academic year, to enable your child to achieve their full potential.

Kim Rickford  

Head teacher

September 2020